Our quality charter

ESTHÈME has been collaborating for a long time with the world leaders in the production of high-end cashmere raw materials.

This partnership of trust allows us to have the guarantee of 100% cashmere from Inner Mongolia goats, raised with respect in a natural environment favorable to their development, so that they can produce down of exceptional quality.

Cashmere wool is recovered from goat down, whose diameter is between 14 and 20 microns (μ) (1μ = 1 thousandth of a millimeter). The smaller the diameter of the down, the more refined and quality the wool will be.

The diameter of most wires on the market is greater than 16 microns, often for cost reasons.

In order to offer you products of incomparable finesse, ESTHÈME only selects wires of less than 15.5 microns in diameter.

The final color of cashmere can be obtained by 3 different dyeing processes. The dyeing before weaving (directly on the down once it has been recovered from the animal), the dyeing on the yarn (after weaving the wool) and finally the dyeing on the made sweater.

This is the first process that guarantees the best dyeing quality. It is naturally this one that ESTHÈME has chosen for its creations.