Estheme au Who's Next 2014

ESTHEME present at WHO'S NEXT 2014


Esthēme Kashmir: Quality and Creativity

For 10 years, Esthēme Kashmir continued to develop its expertise in the area of Kashmir to the delight of its customers. Paying particular attention to the quality of its products, Esthēme is further distinguished by the creativity of its collections.

Quality Esthēme requires complete control of the manufacturing process, from the initial choice of the best raw material from the Inner Mongolian plateau (certified by the expertise of specialized laboratories) to the knitting of its models in its own factory by highly skilled workers aided by the most modern and efficient machines, it is through this knowledge qu'Esthēme has responded from the beginning to the very strong demand of its customers.

Creativity of Esthēme is a real bias: to offer its customers a range of distinctive products leavers classicism Thanks to the talent of its designers, Esthēme manages each year to renew its collections Woman and Man, offering ever more original models: digital printing, rhinestone application, glitters, intarsia pattern, lace application, jacquards, mesh games, color schemes ... Esthème was able to reach over the years the mastery of these techniques applied Kashmir, in response to novelty seeking clients for their delight.

Thus the collection Autumn / Winter 2014/2015 has been enriched with new and more creative fantasies ever more inspired by fashion: arched or supported forms, flexible and oversize, to discover urgently!

For its 10 years of existence, Esthēme thanks its more than 700 customers in France, for their loyalty and their trust him, and promises to continue to offer them in the future ever more innovative products, at controlled prices.

Visit our website and meet our sales force at the show Who's next, from 25 to 28 January 2014 at our booth ESTHĒME KashmirHALL 3.1 STAND N° L32